Creative Writing is a literary event for all those authors hidden in you. You will be given a set of some of the some most unconventional topics you can (and cannot) think of…! So that your creativity is truely tasted.
If nothing, amidst all the chaos in “TALENTRON” you will be given a quiet room, a paper and time to let your creativity ooze out of you.

  • Both rounds will be presentation rounds.
  • In final round the datum will be given to you for the poetry or prose building.
  • Datum will be based on the past popular poet's creatures.
  • There are 2 categories: Prose and Poetry. Participants may take part in only one.
  • Prose: Participants have to work on fiction based on a on the spot theme. There will be time limit of 2 hrs.
  • Poetry: The participants will be given an on the spot theme. Time limit will be of 2 hrs.
  • Usage of vulgar language, religious comments, political figures strictly prohibited.
  • Words limit: Up to 300 words minimum.
  • Language is not a barrier until its English, Hindi or Marathi.
  • Marks Will Be Given on The Basis Of: 1. Imagination 2. Vocabulary 3. Quality of The Content 4. Rhyming (For Poetry)
  • Pratik Deshmukh (Head) : +91-8446791423
  • Check event schedule for location

50% Cashback of registration fees on eliminations. Enrollment starts on 18th February 2017.

Attend the grand finale with your 2 companions / friends or family (2 people excluding you) and
get 50% cashback of participation fees through PayTm.