A live music competition based on Indian genre of music. Beats and harmony. Music could be your destiny. Striving with the mesmerizing tune. With the heat of the beats along with the rocking metal touch and the hallucinating feel of melody. Music unlimited is going to be the event for you.

  • Participants should upload the video on our website:
  • You can share the video link to your friends, Facebook and social media to increase your popularity meter for Round 1.
  • For round 2, live jam session will be held in Zeal music studio in college campus.
  • In case participants are unable to visit the venue, a live video call using skype will do but 10 points will be deducted from previous round.
  • Top 3 bands will be chosen for Grand finale based on popularity meter and jam session.
  • Finalists should perform 1 Bollywood style compulsory.
  • 20 minutes of time will be given for performance including technical check and setup.
  • Drums will be provided. (Bass drum, Single pedal, Snare, Low tom, High tom, Floor, Cymbal, Hat or choke).
  • Participants should bring their own drum sticks. Double bass pedal allowed.
  • Mixer and MIDI mixing is allowed on stage.
  • We will not provide any guitar processors or guitar pedals.
  • Participant found consuming alcohol, cigarettes in event campus will be disqualified and strict action will be taken against the individual.
  • Round 1: Popularity Meter
  • Round 2: Short Jam Session
  • Round 3: Grand Finale
  • For event schedule including dates and locations, please refer event calendar:
  • Siddhesh Raut (Head) : +91-7276563618
  • Anosh Magar: +91-9422236077
  • Check event schedule for location

50% Cashback of registration fees on eliminations. Enrollment starts on 18th February 2017.

Attend the grand finale with your 2 companions / friends or family (2 people excluding you) and
get 50% cashback of participation fees through PayTm.