As the name suggests, the event is a high-energy affair comprising of unorthodox, entertaining moves to complement peppy songs. At “FOOTLOOSE” battle it out with other dancers looking to get you off the stage. Only the very best will emerge victorious.

  • A prepared sequence of about maximum 3 minutes to be performed in auditions.
  • Participants must perform a different sequence if qualified in second round. Same sequence can be performed in Grand Finale.
  • Usage of external lighting is not allowed.
  • Duet dance will be considered as group dance only.
  • Usage of props is allowed. Usage of props should be consulted with event manager at the time of registration. Usage of any powdered substance (e.g.: color, powder, gulaal, etc.) is not allowed.
  • The stage will not be allowed to be used for any purpose (for example, photos, video, etc.).
  • Sound track of the participants should be submitted in using USB
  • Sound track quality should be 192 KBPS – 320 KBPS. 128 KBPS tracks will not be allowed.
  • Finalists can perform a sequence of 6 minutes in Grand Finale.
  • Maximum 10 people are allowed in 1 group.
  • Round 1: Pre-Auditions for Zeal students
  • Round 2: Main Audition Round
  • Round 3: Semi-Final Round
  • Round 4: Grand Finale
  • For event schedule including dates and locations, please refer event calendar:
  • Trupti Joshi (Head) : +91-9764119345
  • Swanand Surpur: +91-96377 73544
  • Check event schedule for location

50% Cashback of registration fees on eliminations. Enrollment starts on 18th February 2017.

Attend the grand finale with your 2 companions / friends or family (2 people excluding you) and
get 50% cashback of participation fees through PayTm.