Words can only take you so far. All you would have are your expressions and innovation. A tad bit different from your conventional mime but scope for a lot of improvisation. One of the most loved events of the event you might want to buckle up because expectations will be high!
Only in spontaneity can we be truly who we are. It is fun and free. You are given a few minutes to act on a given situation and you cannot go wrong with this. Put your wit to some crazy use, play with words and express yourself. All of those nonsensical thoughts in your mind: yes, they will suffice.

  • Team Limit: Minimum 2 and Maximum 10 people allowed in a group.
  • A participant can perform a monologue for maximum 3 minutes.
  • You can perform any character or script
  • Drapery of performing act will weigh more points.
  • 5-7 participants will make it to the final round.
  • Participant should bring college ID card compulsory.
  • Usage of vulgar language, religious comments, political figures strictly prohibited.
  • Round 1: Pre-Auditions for Zeal students
  • Round 2: Main Audition Round
  • Round 3: Semi-Final Round
  • Round 4: Grand Finale
  • For event schedule including dates and locations, please refer event calendar:
  • Aniket Bidkar (Head) - +91-96236 88983
  • Check event schedule for location

50% Cashback of registration fees on eliminations. Enrollment starts on 18th February 2017.

Attend the grand finale with your 2 companions / friends or family (2 people excluding you) and
get 50% cashback of participation fees through PayTm.